Giuliana Barilli studio architettura

STUDIO MOODULAR, founded by Giuliana Barilli, who graduated in architecture at the Milan Polytechnic in 1997, is proudly based in Milan and, in continuous creative growth like a real architecture lab, welcomes 5 architects who, working with volumes, shapes, materials and colours, design with passion and look for balance between essentiality and harmony, tradition and novelty, functionality and emotion, research and interpretation.

The residential scale is the one that best suits us, developed from studio apartments where everything must be designed in detail to large historical apartments full of history and charm, but also on farmhouses where the conservation of traditional techniques and materials is mandatory.

Our distinctive character is to renovate and preserve architectures with an almost archaeological approach, and to combine them with a minimal and contemporary interior design. For us, the plan is a priority: it must be fluid and balanced, taking care of views and lighting and the context, whether it is the neighborhood, the building or the existing elements in the apartment itself, in search of distinctive elements and timeless that will inspire and guide us throughout the design process.

With trade fairs, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and… good readings, we keep active and constant research on trends and changes in the quality of living, new materials and construction techniques and we try, where possible, to design details or custom-made furnishings, which make each apartment unique and unrepeatable.

Since 2015, with the explosion of home sharing in Milan for the Expo, we have been dealing with short-term rentals, real estate investments and property management, renovating interiors to make them more attractive and profitable; the strategic approach is new:  an interior design system, easily replicable with interesting economies of scale, but at the same time extremely personalized and creative. Our commitment is on the one hand to increase the value of the property with maximum efficiency in terms of costs and times, on the other to develop a highly distinctive mood and image.

Via Federico Faruffini 6, 20149 Milano +39 389 5799874